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This double deck trailer will significantly reduce your transport costs

When transporting goods, you want to be able to do this for the lowest costs possible. Next to that, you want to make sure they arrive in a timely manner and in pristine condition. All of this is made possible when you choose Blankers Transport to get your goods from A to B. They have come up with an innovative system, which helps reduce transport costs in a smart way. With an advanced double deck trailer, they can transport more goods in one truck. This is better for the environment and it saves you money. Read on to find out how they do this.

A double deck trailer that compresses your goods

When you want to transport voluminous goods, such as mattresses or foam products, Blankers Transport has the perfect system in place to do this. They load your goods into the first loading deck and lift it with their hydraulic system. This makes room to fill another level. When all levels are filled, they are lowered in their final position and are compressed to take up less space. This means you could do with only one double deck trailer, instead of two or three regular trailers. This makes it a great economical and environmental option for transporting voluminous goods.

Safe travels for your precious goods

Next to their innovative system, they guarantee a great service at Blankers Transport. They take great care loading and transporting your goods to the destination of choice in Europe. Additionally, they offer a great route tracking system. This helps you keep an eye on your transport and you always receive information about the location of your products. All trucks are also equipped with a BV3 alarm system, which makes sure your goods will be safe during transport in their double deck trailer. Get in touch now to get more information about their services.