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There are different ways to increase milk production in cows

Livestock farmers are always looking for new ways to increase milk production in cows, but the health of their animals is the most important factor they consider. Thanks to the persistent research of Kimtec International, there is more insight into the lactation activity of dairy cows. Which nutrients do they need and how do they cope with shortages of these nutrients? But more importantly, how can we prevent those shortages to increase milk production in cows? Kimtec International has the solution.

Commission these experts to develop a tailor-made product for your cattle

There are different product ranges available that can all help increase the milk production in cows. However, it could be the case that your cattle have special needs that you would like to cater to. Think of a combined feed supplement of different nutrients to provide optimal nutritional values. In this case, you can commission the experts over at Kimtec International to develop a bespoke product that is completely tailored to your cattle. This may combine the best properties of the three current product ranges:

  • NPN-SR: a supplement consisting of slow release coated urea products to increase protein and nitrogen.
  • KatAn: a supplement made from coated anionic salts made palatable with the Masktech technique to improve the cows’ ability to deal with increased calcium demands.
  • ProGlyc: a prophylaxis and palatable MPG carrier intended to increase the levels of blood glucose after calving.

Schedule an appointment and discover what could work for your company

The experts over at Kimtec International are more than happy to explore the different opportunities to increase milk production in your cows. There are several options available, even a tailor-made product developed especially for your cattle. Would you like more information on this? Make sure to schedule an appointment so the experts can discuss the possibilities with you and contribute to a proper advice on improving your business. Send them an email or give them a call to schedule the appointment. You can find the contact information on their website.