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Small industry business ideas

Small industry business ideas


1. Build Chancey Websites / Webshops and resell them to someone else

IN line with the previous Side Hustle, you can also go a step further by not only registering the domain name, but also building a WordPress or Phoenix Website in a search engine friendly setup. When online entrepreneurs want to start a new website in a particular niche or micro niche, they often run into the problem that Ranking blogs and articles takes several months of time. AND that installing Tools such as Google Search Console is


Great that you came to my article with Google Search Console Explanation. In this Google Search Console Explanation, I’ll go over how I use this search engine optimization tool and what you as an online…

; Google Analytics


In this Google Analytics For Beginners Explanation I will go into how I use this tool and what you as an online marketer can achieve yourself with Google Analytics to track the statistics of all your visitors and…

 Whether E-Mail Autoresponders are too complicated for them.


That’s why it’s extra nice if a website already exists with ranking articles or even a possible Domain Authority


Often in the entrepreneurial world you hear the term authority come up. But what is authority and why is the term so important? I’m going to explain that through this short article today, because it’s like online….

 and Link Building


One of the most underrated things about growing a website is Link Building . I noticed this in MY personal online marketing strategy as well…. But What is Linkbuilding and why is it central to the.

 Profile that all they have to do is adopt it. Here you as an online entrepreneur can


Becoming an Online Entrepreneur can be done by using the Internet to promote and sell your goods or services. There are a large number of different possibilities to reach a target group; relevant product offerings and online traffic.

 The more monthly visitors you have before you sell, the more money you can ask for a website. Some online entrepreneurs take advantage of this by starting websites and putting blogs and knowledge base articles on them. After a year or two they sell it to a new entrepreneur OR a company that wants to build on the project.


Many people combine this by starting their own WordPress or Phoenix Website and building a website using the rules of Search Engine Optimization. Read my article to find out what’s involved in making your own website


Hey, Kevin Louwers from here! It’s great that you found my article about Making Your Own Website. Perhaps you are currently a (future) online entrepreneur and you have come across an important step.


2. You can become a Conversion Optimization Specialist…

Here you will focus on improving your own websites; online stores; online membership communities; coaching academies; forums or other online businesses. At a Conversion Optimization


Do you think it’s time for more conversion in your online business; for example through your website; your ads or your Funnels? In this article, I’ll tell you more about the meaning of the conversion optimization….

 Strategy is all about increasing the conversion rate, which in the long run will increase the average revenue


Many entrepreneurs think that when you are starting out as an entrepreneur, increasing sales is an important focus point. In a way, that’s true, because if there’s no money coming in, it’s (usually) not sustainable (unless you’re making it…

 and profit


Making more profit as an entrepreneur should be a primary focus point, but many entrepreneurs think that increasing sales is important. In some cases that can create big barriers and mistakes.

 per visitor increases (customer lifetime value


Do you want an optimal online marketing strategy as an online entrepreneur with a webshop / e-learning community or website with the affiliate marketing revenue model or a dropshipping store? To become successful you want to…



Often you will go through the entire Sales Funnel of your customer and see if the products are in line with each other so that customers are stimulated to repeat purchases and upsells.


You can apply this independently for your own website; your own webshop; funnels etc, but also on commission as a freelancer for clients.



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