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Nike founder’s success secrets

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We read the book “Shoe Seller” by the founder of the legendary Nike company Phil Knight and highlighted the most powerful ideas.

  1. It starts with a promising idea. In the case of Phil Knight, passion played an important role. Reflecting on his future, he understood that he did not want to limit himself to achieving the goals common for most people – career success and family happiness. He realized that he wanted to leave his mark on the world – to embody a crazy idea, a big dream that goes beyond the typical notions of a prosperous life.
  2. At the initial stage of the company’s development, it is necessary to find a source of motivation that will help overcome the first obstacles or calmly accept defeat. Knight realized that initially his company could easily go broke. Although he realized that such a turn of events would be the hardest psychological test for him, he was reassured by the thought that he would have a valuable asset – worldly wisdom, acquired experience. He can use this experience and wisdom in new endeavors.
  3. Shyness recedes due to belief in an idea. There are many sales books out there that claim that anyone with the right effort can learn to sell anything. Nevertheless, Knight’s experience refutes this. He was not good at selling other people’s products, but shyness ceased to be a problem when he was driven by faith in his own idea. Then he became decisive, resourceful and principled.
  4. Much of the future success of Nike was due to the right team and the right distribution of roles. Phil Knight’s book once again reminds us that one in the field is not a warrior.
  5. A truly outstanding company should have more than just financial goals. It seems that the main thing for a business is to overcome the financial crisis, start generating profits and grow. But, according to the author, this is not all. Knight and his associates dreamed of changing people’s ideas about running, making a sports lifestyle natural for everyone. Those. you need a global goal that will move you and your employees, motivate you to perform feats every day.

Want to learn more from the life of the founder of one of the most successful companies in the world? Then be sure to read “Shoe Dog”, the key ideas of Phil Knight’s bestselling book!

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