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How to reduce the number of suppliers?

Every enterprise loves to reduce the costs and maximize the profits. Different departments within these enterprises are able to save time and money. Like the procurement department, this department is responsible for the total purchases of the company. Therefore, the procurement department often does business with a lot of different suppliers. Even for one simple invoice, new creditors are created. This will cost the procurement a lot of time. Most of the times the supplier delivers once and you’ll never do business again. How can you reduce the numbers of these C suppliers? Easy! You can reduce it by outsourcing the procurement.

How to outsource the procurement?

You can easily outsource the procurement by replacing the large database of C suppliers by just one supplier. There are specialized parties who will be the one and only supplier for your company. This supplier will arrange the whole procurement and invoice management with your C suppliers.

Benefits of outsourcing the procurement

There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing the procurement. At first, you can decrease your supplier database by 80%. One point of contact, one invoice, one payment term. This will be time-saving and reducing the supplier base will save up to 21% on costs, productivity and effectiveness. Another benefit is that you’ll digitize and automate the invoices so mistakes will be reduced. And Unburdening operation purchasing, the goods receipt department, the warehouse and the financial department.

Which companies already outsource the procurement?

A lot of big enterprises as Shell, Phillips and General Motors choose to outsource the procurement. Due to the time- and money saving advantage it’s very interesting for these enterprises.

Outsourcing with Corlido group

Outcourcing your procurement and invoice management is time- and money saving. Corlido Group is an expert in procurement. Other related expertises of Corlido Group are Source to pay and indirect procurement.