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How does trading coins work at this platform?

At Bitladon it is quite easy to start trading cryptocurrencies. They make it possible to create an account with a weekly limit of a 100 euros. Is the Bitcoin price appealing at the moment? Make sure to buy some and store them in the offline wallets Bitladon provides. You can also store them on your own online or offline wallets. Do you want to trade for more than a 100 euros a week? In that case, you can get verified by sending in more additional details and information. At Bitladon you always receive a fair price. This company ensures trust by providing full transparency on their overview page, listing all coins for trade at current prices.

Do you have additional questions about the process?

Is anything unclear about trading cryptocurrencies at Bitladon? Do you want to buy Bitcoin at the right price, but you are not sure how? Make sure to check out the FAQ page on their website. Here everything is explained in a precise and clear manner. Are you taking the step of creating an account and are you starting in this trading world? Go on and start trading!