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A dog collar and leash set: walk your pet in a sustainable and stylish way

If you are a proud dog owner and you love to walk your dog in a durable and stylish way, the collection that Approved by Fritz offers, was made for you! The sustainable pet lifestyle brand offers a wide range of eco-friendly pet essentials with designs inspired by the bright, vivid color combinations that dominate the streets and buzzing lifestyle of New York City. Choose from beautiful items, such as a dog collar and leash set, poop bag carriers, bandanas, and upcycled dog toys. Which item is your favorite? Take a look at the wide assortment and order your preferred pet essential!

Beautiful dog essentials, made from sustainable materials

One of the items that you will find in the collection that Approved by Fritz offers, is a dog collar and leash set. Every dog owner needs both a collar and a leash that is easily adjustable, high in quality, and has a comfortable fit. Now, the dog collars and leashes that this pet lifestyle brand offers, are highly practical and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, a dog collar and leash set is a genuine must-have! What color would you like the dog items to be? Choose from beautiful bright color combinations, such as yellow and pink, grey and purple, and pink and red. No doubt, your dog will be the center of attention every time you go for a stroll outside!


Order your favorite pet lifestyle items online

Are you interested in purchasing a dog collar and leash set from a sustainable pet lifestyle brand? Approved by Fritz has got you covered. Every eco-friendly, fashionable dog must-have is easily ordered online, whether you live in the United States or anywhere else in the world? Should you have any questions about the collection or the company itself, you can always get in touch with the faces behind the brand. They will happily provide you with all the information you need.