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8 Ways to Decorate Your Wooden House to Make It Perfect



There’s something charming about wooden houses. You can create a stylish log cabin by following a design trend like rustic, Scandinavian, and Bohemian style. Similar to concrete houses, log cabins can be designed and decorated to create an attractive space.


If you’re interested in decorating your wooden house, consider any of these decorating ideas.


#1 Use light wood 


The natural cosiness of wood is one of the main attractions of buying a log cabin. But, to make the space look open and spacious, it is better to use light wood for building log cabins.


You can decorate the wood house with light coloured logs and can brighten the interior to reflect more light.


#2 Furniture that brings colours


To create an attractive space, focus on colours in the log cabin. The colourful furniture like red chairs, green dining tables, and more can bring unique charm to your rooms.


Further, colourful furniture can affect the mood of a room. You can also choose shades like blue, orange, yellow, and neutral hues for your table.


#3 White walls 


Are you planning to update the walls of the log cabin? If yes, then paint the walls with white colour to reflect more natural light and to make space look bigger.


Bright white walls in a wooden house can serve as the backdrop of fine art. You can add any coloured painting on them to make rooms look more beautiful.


#4 Wicker furniture


Vintage decor is back, and wicker furniture is the best way to add vintage style to your log cabin. In the last couple of years, wicker furniture has regained popularity and is in trend these days.


#5 Create a sense of space


By using storage shelves, light coloured wall paint, and smart furniture, you can create a clutter-free space. It helps you create a sense of space while giving you a peaceful area to relax.

Whether you own a small log cabin or live in a big wooden house, any open or extra space is a plus point to live.


#6 Add a fireplace 


Fireplace adds value to log cabins. But, you should always take the help of professionals to create a fireplace in your wooden house.


Also, it can act as a great décor piece in your room or lobby area. There are various designs of fireplace; choose the one that suits your space.


#7 A lot of light


Do not forget to install the trending lights in log cabins. The light is very important to consider to create bright and spacious rooms.


You can either add pendant lights or can choose trending track lights for your wooden house. This will add a different charm to your interior.


#8 Add other materials


In addition to the above-mentioned things, decorate your log cabin with wall paintings, wall art, and other hangings. Also, place natural plants in rooms to freshen the air.


There are various types of indoor plants that you can add to your rooms, including kitchen, living area, and bedroom.


Final Words


Decorate the log cabins with the help of the above-mentioned ideas. This will help you create a calm and relaxing space where you would love to spend time.